Leslie Flint

Leslie Flint was like a human soul phone, as most mediums would be considered in a metaphorical sense. Yet he was a special kind of medium—a direct-voice medium.

It’s pretty rare and I haven’t seen it myself. Somehow, spirit on the other side can use ectoplasm to create a kind of voice box in our physical world. This allows spirit to talk to us in a voice we can understand. The voice is not coming from the medium. The medium’s involvement is essentially being an ectoplasm dispenser and energy-booster.

Here is what Leslie Flint wrote about himself (from his website):

“I think I can safely say I am the most tested Medium this country [Britain] has ever produced…

“I have been boxed up, tied up, sealed up, gagged, bound and held—and still the voices have come to speak their message of life eternal…

“I have a rare gift known as independent direct voice. I do not speak in trance, I need no trumpets or other paraphernalia.

“The voices of the dead speak directly to their friends or relatives and are located in a space a little above my head and slightly to one side of me.

“They are objective voices which my sitters can record on their own tape recorders to play later in the privacy of their own homes.

“Sometimes those who speak from beyond the grave can achieve only a whisper, hoarse and strained. At other times they speak clearly and fluently in voices recognisably their own during life.

“I do my work by sitting wide awake in total darkness with other people. I know I have learned more about life, people and human problems and emotions, by sitting in the dark, than I could possibly have learned in any other way – and those who have taught me the most, are people dead to this world—but who are living in the next…”

See the full site here. Learn more about this exciting form of mediumship. Be sure to check the Recording Archives for a treasure trove.


I am very new to my awareness about this man and his work.

Listening to the audio tapes made during the seances gives me a preview of what a SoulPhone conversation might sound like. You have two-way conversations between the spirit and the sitter. Granted that it sounds something like being thrust in a 1950’s British movie shot in black-and-white, but the heart of the messages makes my own heart sing.

Especially in the self-publishing era, plenty of books out there feature spirits communicating with flesh people. Many of these include so-called dead relatives coming back to their earthly loved ones, sometimes just to say hi, sometimes to write books. I find it is one thing to read them in my imaginary reader’s voice; it’s quite another to hear spirits speaking.

So while I wait for the SoulPhone to become a physical reality, I enjoy absorbing the other things currently available to me and to you.


Here is another site worth checking out if you are interested in the validity of afterlife recordings.

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