Karmic scorecard

“You can’t tell the players without a scorecard?” Remember that old line?

I was thinking the other day about the big picture idea of reincarnation. We often incarnate in soul packs in something like a theater troupe or movie-making ensemble. We pick the parts we will play as part of the between-lives review and plan-for-another-life process.

In one life I might be your dad. In another life you might be my mom. In another life, I might be your sister. In another like, you might be my boss. In another, we might be lovers.

Sometimes we incarnate as friends. Sometimes we incarnate as mortal enemies. We’re probably the best of buddies in the spirit world, but on Earth we play our roles with great relish and diversity to accomplish the lessons we’re hoping to learn.

This is a pretty well-known and accepted principle among people who study reincarnation. It shows up regularly in past-life regressions and in channeling and teachings from psychic mediums.

I think when the SoulPhone arrives in its more sophisticated versions, it may turn out to serve as our karmic scorecard. Those interested in knowing might ask people on the spirit side about the past-life relationships that are influencing one’s current life.

In therapeutic situations, it is often quite helpful for flesh people to learn about some of their previous life existences. It often helps to understand current life issues better. In some cases, pretty miraculous healing has occurred. Phobias vanish, physical aches and pains somehow linked to a past life disappear, and the person feels reborn and re-energized.

Currently, if we want such insight, we need to have a past-ife regression, get a reading from a reputable medium, or be fortunate enough to acquire knowledge via meditation, dreams, or even memory. Some authors assure us this information is readily available to anyone who’s interested. (Cannot say that I have had much success here.)

In theory, a SoulPhone would allow access to sources of information from deceased loved ones and spirit guides to vast libraries. It seems logical to conclude that if information such as this can already be obtained, a SoulPhone connection would facilitate knowledge-gathering in a more straight-forward way. Just call someone and ask.

Earth School is about learning lessons, and for generations mystery and mythology have played a great part in dealing with obstacles and challenges. SoulPhones would change the game. It may seem like cheating, a shortcut from doing the spiritual work necessary to communicate with the next world. However, another way of looking at it is that it could be a step in human evolution to more of a heaven on earth. Just as computers made many aspects of life easier from what had been the norm before the invention, they fostered massive change and a different pathway for growth.

Maybe instead of asking “is reincarnation real?” we would be asking, “Now that we know it is real, what are we going to do about it?”

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