Why speculate?

In point of fact, no one actually knows how well soul phone technology will work. There are many factors involved in a roll-out of this magnitude. The speculations that I offer here involve a state of technology that is imagined and being developed but has not yet been delivered, just so you know.

Perhaps the most important factor is about the technology itself. Will it work as theorized? (See here the current state of progress on the various SoulPhone components.)

In these high-tech days, people have pretty demanding expectations about new products. It’s pretty vogue to complain and nitpick about every new product from the newest smartphones to the latest cars. We may hope for high-definition television from the other side, and may be very disappointed when the picture comes out fuzzy and blurry and the audio sadly lacks high fidelity. So will people pay attention and even support further research if the goods ain’t so good?

Then comes how the physical and non-physical dimensions will co-mingle once there is a technological breakthrough. Let’s just assume that research and development is able to get us a satisfactory-enough audio-visual experience.

We don’t yet know if people on the other side feel free enough and have the desire to communicate with us in ways we yearn for. Plenty of anecdotal evidence suggests that they want to help us evolve as souls, even that they’re concerned about the evolution of the planet and humanity. But who knows for sure?

There may be issues and obstacles we currently know nothing about as to why spirit could not or would not speak freely; why they could not or would not reply to the questions for which we most want answers. For example, could they or would they solve our biggest conspiracy theory riddles? Even if they knew the answer, would they share, or is part of the point of living in Earth School to be shrouded in mystery?


So with all the unknowns, why spend time and energy speculating on how a soul phone would impact society?

My thinking is that soul phone or not, enough physical luminaries say that we are on a collision course to destroying our planet in a variety of ways. We could bring on total self-destruction. We could be on the home stretch with the end-of-the-line in sight. With that in mind, I think it’s important to be thinking of ways to get us out of this mess.

I’ve found that my speculating on soul phone technology focuses on positive, world-changing scenarios. Is that being naive? Am I gorging on unsubstantiated optimism, eating all cake and ice cream and no spinach?

Maybe, but I also see positive potential scripts for humanity to follow. I see how something like a soul phone could change social dynamics by adding new (and pretty spectacular) variables to the game.


I think that as a society we often run away from problems rather than run toward solutions. We tend to work more at solving issues after they’ve become major problems rather than proactively inventing solutions in anticipation. Often, a tragedy, major disaster, or a flurry of lawsuits needs to happen before any action commences.

So what if we speculate about a future with soul phone technology and in the end it doesn’t happen that way? What if we overshoot what the technology can deliver or we make assumptions about the spirit world that just aren’t so?

I don’t think that’s such a bad thing. Free, creative thought brings up awareness about many issues that may not have been previously conceived. For example, in my blog I’ve wondered if it would be possible to place a soul phone call to my higher self or to past life personalities of my soul. Even if it proved to be impossible, just wondering about it gave me food for thought, I wondered about who my soul might have been, what lessons I am here to learn, how reincarnation works, etc. Asking questions leads to exploring the spiritual universe.

Fortunately, I am not speaking in any official capacity for anyone. I do not have to follow any organizational rules or protocols for my speculations. I can just let fly with what I think, feel, or fantasize. And I do.

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