Talk shows

This is farther down the trail of progress for soul phone technology, but the thought occurred to me how great it would be to tune in to talk shows that originate from the other side. “Live from Heaven, it’s the Late Show!”

Occasionally, psychic mediums already do something like this. They post the videos to places like YouTube. An interviewer will team up with a medium who will channel a famous historical character, like Abraham Lincoln or Amelia Earhart. The interviewer will ask questions and the medium will share the answers. (Mediums are sometimes called spirit translators because they act like language translators.)

The overall effect is like having a conversation with a deceased celebrity in real time.

While I love the concept, the execution frequently leaves much to be desired. The shows frequently come off sounding more like cheap party entertainment played for kicks and grins. The questions are often banal or insulting. Talk about missed opportunities.

Imagine being in the presence of Neil Armstrong. You’ve seen plenty of conspiracy videos about how NASA hides all that it knows about extra-terrestrials. Now’s the chance to set the record straight with Mr. Armstrong-in-spirit. But the interviewer seems entirely oblivious to any of this and asks questions like, “When you were alive, what was your favorite dessert? Did you like Moon Pies? Hahaha!”

I often find myself cringing on behalf of the spirit who agreed to be interviewed. It’s almost as if because those people are dead, we can treat them as toys, subject to our jokes and whims. I see this much like how the internet gives flesh people license to hide behind invisibility and say or text cruel and obnoxious things. If they knew they could be seen, they’d probably be more civil. If we could actually see spirits standing there for an interview, we might be more civil, too.

My usual response to most of these shows is fascination mixed with open-minded  skepticism. I am deeply curious what a historical character might say, what new gem of insight I might glean. Yet I am often turned off by the clunky interviews. I want to see a show like this conducted by someone who guides the conversation into fruitful territory.

So here’s the main problem I see with today’s interviews of spirits: party chatter gives the whole field of trans-dimensional communication much less credibility. If the guests-in-spirit are not presented and treated with respect and dignity, it’s so much easier to reject the whole process as a sham.


If an eventual technology that I call SoulCast is ever invented, it could prove to be an amazing force for social progress. It would allow for trans-dimensional mass communication—broadcast quality communication between the dimensions.

I sincerely wonder if this would turn into the positive social revolution I think it could be, or would it get lost in the fray of flesh humanity’s business as usual? Would people on this side attempt to commercialize, regulate, and exploit the technology? Would some entity attempt to control and manage content? Or would we be able to largely bypass all the money-making and mind manipulation rooted in our world and have a go at love and prosperity for everyone?

It’s also important to consider how different life in spirit is from life here. Many of the conditions that create misery here do not exist there. They essentially have everything they need and want. Fear does not motivate them. They know there is no death. They have no pain. They bask in love.

So when we think about spirits beaming messages to flesh humans, it’s going to be a different game. They won’t be pitching their wares. They’ll be fearless. They’ll know the big picture including why flesh humans suffer. (I don’t mean to imply that all spirits are omniscient, but those motivated to learn things have jaw-dropping research tools at their disposal. We apparently do, too, but most of us don’t know it or know how to make it work.)

Spirits are also ambassadors of universal love. They won’t take sides. They seem to view most everything as Earth School education. (This, at least, is what I believe today!)

My own hopeful vision is that talk shows with spirits would be something like PBS, no commercials, intelligent moderators, not a bunch of cross-talking. I would like to see the entertainment value being of a higher level than normal, something inspirational and emotionally gripping.

I would also like to see hosts who know how to please shut up. If Robin Williams is a guest-in-spirit, let’s not try to out-Robin Williams Robin Williams.

In my still relatively-brief period of time learning about what mediums do, I come to see that spirits are not very egocentric. They are not too full of themselves because they know about their past lives and their inner consciousness. Apparently Thomas Jefferson guides author and afterlife researcher Roberta Grimes, but he minimizes that life and even had a much quieter next life. Spirits just don’t seem to have that need to toot their horns and fortify their public images. They realize that fame is relative; that sometimes the “little lives” are just as meaningful as being a U.S. president.


SoulPhone technology will take the guesswork out of channeling. Spirits will be able to communicate directly in words we can understand. In their own realm, they speak telepathically. Here when they speak via a medium, the medium translates mental pictures and thoughts on behalf of the spirit. Even when it is not cold reading fraud, it sometimes sounds like a guessing game. “What does the name Bill or William or Willie mean to you?”

Soul phone technology will end all that. We’ll hear voices talking!

Soulcasts could give flesh humans access to knowledge and insight provided in an entirely different way. It would expose us more to universal laws. It’s not as if students of spirituality don’t do this anyway, but soul phone technology will allow straight Q&A.

I think the biggest thing to come out of this would be how different “reality” is than what we were taught through education, religion, and most mass media. Just imagine being able to communicate with the consciousness of all the great men and women who have ever lived. You could ask them how history treated them (did history get the story right?), what history (i.e., their press clippings) failed to note about them, what they learned about life on Earth since crossing, what matters?

For all of the world’s great mysteries, ask the spirits who know the answers.

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