A most profound—yet at the same time subtle—benefit of the invention of soul phone technology is and will be hope.

It’s profound because we are living in a time where many people do not feel grand amounts of it. A healthy infusion of hope would be most welcome here.

Yet it’s subtle because so much of our input from mainstream media, government, commerce, organized religion, and more are pushing a narrative not conducive to feeling good and hopeful.

I can’t think of a time when I watched CNN (or take your pick) and felt, “Wow, I’m sure filled with gobs of hope!”

Religion, which often sells itself as a pillar of hope, often offers a pillar of terror instead with it’s ever-growing list of thoughts and deeds that will condemn you to the eternal broiler oven.

Soul phone technology offers hope. The more primitive forms of this technology like electronic voice phenomena, which characteristically produces phrases from the dead recorded electronically so we can hear them, offer hope of soul survival. It also arouses interest in more research to find out what’s up with those voices.

A SoulPhone® would offer full-fledged conversations with spirits, and that would open the floodgates on the dissemination of hopeful information.

For example, let’s just say that Jesus of Christ fame had a chat with the world via SoulCast*, a SoulPhone conversation broadcast globally. “I want to emphasize, because I don’t think all of you got my point, that love is the answer.”

Yet I should add that SoulPhone is intended for the secular world. It’s not the voice of any current religion. So other luminaries from the other side would harmonize on the love theme, even the scientists!


We have devices that already record voices from other dimensions, but mainstream media and the institutions that sponsor them don’t support or even publicize the research. Here is a source of great hope, yet if anything it is treated with ridicule and serial killer style, indiscriminate skepticism. It’s as if the powers that be do not even want to dream about the possibilities of a life-changing technology!  They want to keep up with the status quo; it’s better for business that way.

A fully functional SoulPhone would deliver us hope.

First, it would shift the paradigm that so much in mainstream culture espouses that life ends at physical death; that consciousness snuffs out and that’s all she wrote. “Wrong,” SoulPhone reality would say.

Second, by hearing from our deceased loved ones, we would be much less prone to fear death (and all the social forces that currently accentuate our morbid fears.) Once we knew that they were fine, we’d feel better about the continuity of life.

Third, the flow of information from other dimensions would offer a heavy helping of hope. There would be competition for the drone of depressing news and entertainment that jams the voices of hope in our world. We’d be able to disengage from hopelessness, escape the clutches of economically-motivated propaganda, and get down to creating a better life for us all.

Fourth, as time progresses and the stream of messages from the other side merges with the culture at large here, hope and purpose would become more mainstream and widespread. This is how life is in the spirit world, and those spirits motivated to help physical earth evolve would be inspiring the next global renaissance with the power of information.

* I just made up the term SoulCast. I like it a lot, though.

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