If the afterlife is so loving and wonderful, and you don’t get punished for taking your own life to end your misery here, people may wonder why not consider suicide?

When I first became interested in metaphysics years ago, most spiritual teachers were aghast at the idea of suicide. It pretty much followed the attitude expressed in the film What Dreams May Come. Suicide would drop you into a hellish environment. It would make your problems much worse. Bad solution.

For centuries, religions have postulated that suicide was a ticket straight to hell. Bad solution.

A few near-death experiencers found themselves in hellish situations, and they were eager to warn people not to attempt suicide. Bad solution.

Lately, though, word seems to be coming out more that suicide does not send anybody to hell primarily because there is no hell. Hell is a story created by religions to control people emotionally. Yes, people sometimes end up in hellish environments, but they can escape it. It may be awful, but it’s temporary, providing the person wants to change venues.

Some people may get the idea that once we have soul phone technology up and running, suicide might become more popular. First, it will confirm that there is another dimension to go to. Second, if a person chooses suicide, he or she can phone back to physical earth and connect with loved ones. “I made it. I’m fine. It’s great here. Best decision I ever made.” Third, life on physical earth is often so hard, punishing, depressing, frustrating (and on and on) and life in spirit is a cake walk (and maybe you can have your cake and eat it, too) so if there are no consequences …


Even if suicide proves not to be a ticket to hell, it is still a choice fraught with consequences. It’s not as simple as just wanting to leave one world for something thought to be better.

Erik Medhus did commit suicide, and here’s what he has to say about it (as channeled by Jamie Butler):

Don’t do it if it’s not 100% your destiny, because your problems won’t go away with death. For instance, if you have a bad self-esteem, it’ll still suck. If you have problems with confidence, with intimacy, with openness, you’ll still have these problems when you cross, plus you’ll just feel so horrible about what you’ve done to those you love. On top of all that, you’ll have to clean up the mess you left behind with your loved ones and the destinies that have been altered by the ripple effect from your death. People who kill themselves are really shocked by that when they cross over. They think it’s a clean release with no more crap to deal with. And cleaning up all this type of shit is much harder to do in the afterlife.

As soul phone technology could better establish in mainstream consciousness, life in Earth School is voluntary from the soul’s point of view. We chose it. It’s a bit like adventurers of old who explored the seas or the territories, often experiencing great hardships and challenges along the way. Lewis & Clark didn’t just say “It’s friggin’ cold out here. Let’s forget this trip go home to our hearths and comfortable beds.”

Taking yourself out impacts the lives of many people/souls who agreed to be in the movie of your lifetime. We don’t incarnate alone. We come in interconnected soul families with roles to play and lessons to learn. If you bail on life here, you bail on all those people, too.

Suicide is motivated by many different reasons. It is not a black-and-white decision. While currently on the planet there are resources available to assist people who are thinking about suicide as a way out of their troubles, it is still nothing like it could be and would be with soul phones.


Soul phone technology could lead to a better-than-ever suicide prevention hotline. People thinking about ending their current earth lives could chat with caring individuals on the other side who made that choice. They could also talk with counselors on the other side who might more clearly articulate the consequences of that action.

People could get reasons for how and why their lives were designed. They could get information on Earth School challenges, what the point is to life here, why there’s so much suffering, and why to continue living in the physical realm despite that.

The nature of suicide will change when it is realized conclusively that death is a transition, not automatic termination. Instead of hoping for oblivion, people considering suicide in an era of soul phone technology will be making a fundamentally different choice.

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