How will the eventual emergence of soul phone technology impact warfare?

Let’s assume for a moment that people who die in combat start talking back to humanity via one of the ways that talking-to-spirit technology develops. Deceased soldiers already do talk to humanity through mediums, so we already have some idea what the content might be like. It’s just that mediumship is often regarded with great suspicion, but that would not be nearly as strong when a gadget is produced that empowers phone-like and then Skype-like conversation.

Imagine the impact over time of a bunch of soldiers saying, “Yeah, I was killed, but I’m not really dead.”

Eventually it might sink in how stellar of an idea it would be to re-think “killing the enemy.” Sending the enemy to a different existence is much different than squishing the life out of the enemy.

Modern warfare usually doesn’t consider the consequences of what we might be doing to our spirit selves. We think of bang-bang you’re dead in absolute, physical terms. We think of the dead guy as eliminated. What if the dead guy is transformed, not eliminated? What if the people designing wars are not clear on the consequences of their activities?

This is what soul phone technology could start to address. When person after person starts hearing from friends and relatives “killed” in battle, it’s going to have an impact on the global view of war.


Just following some of the questions that come up in accounts of mediumship, near-death experiences, and afterlife research in general, here are a few points of consideration:

What will be the point of war if we don’t really kill people, just sweep them under the carpet of materialism for someone else to deal with?

Will people be as eager (or will maybe they even be more eager) to fight in war if it is more like a realistic video war game?

Will it be as easy to convince people to support their politicians and military-industrial complex in warfare agendas if the actual victims of warfare (soldiers and civilians) talk to us via soul phone technology?

What will the impact be if people come to understand that mortal enemies get the exact same afterlife treatment as “the good guys” get?

If it is true that in the afterlife we feel during a life review anything we caused another person to feel, would soldiers experience the brutalities of war all over again, and would living soldiers still want the job if this is true?

Does the spirit world support warfare?

Does the spirit world have any rules about information disclosure that would preclude any spirit from sharing what on this side is secret, classified information?

What happens when the “ultimate sacrifice” becomes seen as unnecessary, which is to say that it is more for ego and nationalism than evolution of humanity—or that it is part of an Earth School curriculum and not a true, existential necessity?

What will happen to military spending when so many soldiers speak out from the other side that the best way to deal with war is to assure that flesh humans do not suffer the indignities of thirst, starvation, lack of health care, and involuntary servitude?

Will combat training ever include “how to die” information to prepare soldiers what to expect if they are taken out?

If war becomes obsolete, what would society look like and how would countries resolve their differences?

What if they gave a war and nobody came?


Quite frankly, this conversation makes me nervous because so many people in such good faith serve their country in the military. I honor and respect them.

That said, realities change and shift over time. New views and new rules appear. Progress on one front often creates a dramatic shift in behavior in much of the rest of society. Sacred cows keel over and die.

The advent of network radio changed everything about life in the 20th Century. Then television came in and revolutionized society once again. The computer and then the smart phone came in, and society again changed. The SoulPhone would do the same.

Brave men and women in all walks of life at one time did things that were dangerous, even fatal, and now those things are no longer needed. They’re no longer relevant and not even appreciated .

While on one level I find myself grieving for soldiers who would become irrelevant wth social change, on another level, the idea excites me. Many of us will never know the true horror of war, but I would love to see it wiped off the face of the planet.


Let’s say that through soul phone technology, we learn beyond a shadow of all doubt that before incarnating, souls choose life missions.  A person could choose to be a warrior. A person could even choose to be a combat fatality.

That would give warfare an entirely different storyline. It’s worth thinking about.

The emergence of soul phone technology could add much more information to the whole discussion of the importance of warfare.

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