Conspiracy theories

Do you have favorite conspiracy theories that you dwell on? Do you find yourself on YouTube or some other video repository spending hours watching the latest documentaries on what’s really going on versus what some government or corporation wants us to believe?

Are we routinely being visited by extraterrestrials—and not being told?

Do big corporations keep us “imprisoned” in sufferable conditions when solutions to problems exist but are kept from us to assure higher profit?

Is there more than meets the eye to the death of a favorite celebrity? 

Are we all pawns in a diabolical rich man’s con game? 

A very intriguing promise of the SoulPhone is the possibility that we will be able to ask spirits in the dead community our favorite questions. They would know or be able to find out the answers we seek.


Then the question becomes this: if we are able to solve conspiracy theories one way or another, what ultimately will it matter?

Sometimes it seems to me that a juicy conspiracy theory is more like an entertaining detective story or some other brain twister. Once we figure it out, that’s it. “Well, now we know who killed John Kennedy. Let’s go get burgers and fries.”

How much would the world change if we knew for a fact that the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11 was a deliberate inside job? Seriously, what would happen? Would it change any policies? Or would it be more like “game over” and we skip to the next thing?

Conspiracy theories, especially since the advent of social media, have become sustenance for mainstream media and the Internet. We gorge on them. We buy a lot of product related to theories advanced by self-proclaimed experts. Our political process seems to be drowning in a sea of rumor, misinformation, gossip, and rancor. It seems to be so much smoke and mirrors to keep people occupied with conflict du jour. We seem to like the juice of conflict more than the satisfaction of solving problems.

Would a SoulPhone come to the rescue?


This brings up the weighty issue of how information will be passed from dimension to dimension.

Dr. Mark Pitstick, co-founder of The SoulPhone Foundation, opines that the intent of a transmission of information rates high in the practice. Taken into account will be the motives of those seeking information from the other side.

If someone wanted information in order to extract revenge or perform a hostile act, spirit might be inclined to keep quiet. Ditto for people playing party games for their own idle amusement. On the other hand, if the information is being sought to help humanity grow and prosper, answers, if known, might be provided.

So again it comes back down to this: what would we do with answers to conspiracy riddles? If we are seeking information to help humanity rise above suffering, the assistance from the other side might be more forthcoming. If our intent is pure and our hearts are filled with love, information will probably flow much more freely.

“Then, too, there’s the issue of our limited understanding,” Mark adds. “I’m sure that ‘deceased’ luminaries will have to ‘dummy it down’ for us, and humanity’s greatest minds will be challenged to understand.”

The flow of information will conform to the big picture of cosmic reality, which is a common characteristic of information retrieved from channeling. Spirit operates with a different world view than much of incarnated humanity does. For example, spirit knows that flesh humans survive death of their physical bodies, so they don’t get as caught up in the idea that death is a tragedy.

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