Unexpected deaths

What would hearing the voice of a deceased loved one mean for you?

Some people who become passionate about afterlife research arrive there through tragic circumstances. Someone very close to them unexpectedly dies. It’s a horrible, life-shattering, faith-threatening experience. In the flash of an eye, everything for them changes.

For these people, a SoulPhone would provide healing from grief and a lifeline to and from heaven.

There are many ways in which people unexpectedly die, and each one is its own story. Yet think of how meaningful it would be for the people left behind to be able to converse with a loved one in spirit.

Right now in the view of materialistic science, when people die unexpectedly, they fall into the void. But if over time people become accustomed to using a SoulPhone to contact the so-called dead, much of society would be living life with new paradigms, such as these:

We don’t die. We are eternal beings who experience different lifetimes in different forms and in different places, some earthly and some not. 

We are on earth to learn, and we come and frequently go according to a plan we created while still in spirit. 

How people defined tragedy at the start of the 21st Century is viewed differently today after revelations the SoulPhone brings.

When someone leaves the planet through death, we can talk with that person if we choose to.  

The more that these paradigms gets blended into the social fabric, the less shockwave that even unexpected death will carry with it. People will generally be more prepared to handle change, even change of this magnitude.


I am not saying that unexpected death will ever be easy for those left behind, but in a more evolved social climate, I think it will be easier than today.

Much of the grief experience today is driven by the surrounding myths and customs humanity has invented. We are conditioned to see death as bad. Most psychic mediums who talk to dead people assure us that dying is easy and death is not bad. Social institutions as a whole are not too eager to trust the word of mediums, but a technological gadget that allows verifiable conversations between dimensions would change everything.

The more evidence we get that life continues through transitions, the more enlightened the death experience will be. The newly “dead” can assure us that they’re fine. They could help us deal with the shock of their abrupt transition. We could communicate any unresolved issues wth them and they could do so with us. We would know more about life plans and chosen roles.

Spiritual teachers often point out that praying for the recently departed helps them tremendously. With SoulPhones, they could update that information and let us know how to help them from this side.

As the SoulPhone and related technologies come into being, I believe that humanity would respond with better grieving processes. People in the helping professions would be more prepared with new tools (which is already slowly starting to evolve.)

In several generations, this could all be so ingrained that it will be part of the cultural narrative. We won’t talk about death in the metaphors of tragedy as we do today.

But right now it is what it is.

I am excited to see this change come about, which is why I am so excited about the research that is being done, particularly on the SoulPhone. I can think of no device that has the potential to help humanity advance as much as this one.

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