SoulPhone your ancestors

Have you ever thought it would be fun to talk with your ancestors—even ones whom you may have never met but only heard about?

People who are interested in genealogy and family history might really love to talk to their ancestors. Think of all the things those ancestors could teach.

Have you wondered about family secrets? Wanted clarification on stories passed down for generations? Wondered what motivated certain ancestors to make the choices that they made (which ultimately may have had a big impact on your life?)

It is often said in the annals of afterlife and near-death experience research that when people first get to the other side, they meet their ancestors. The invention of the SoulPhone could make reunions like that possible on this plane of existence.

Speaking to ancestors could in a visceral way change our thinking about ancestral family lineage, especially if it gets into the topic of reincarnation. It’s often said that people sometimes incarnate as their own relatives or that roles change. Husband and wife in one life might be mother and son or mother and daughter in another—all sorts of combinations are possible.

Conversations could get most interesting. Our thinking will be stretched. We would have a deeper sense of continuity both looking back and looking forward. We could chat with our ancestor on a SouPhone and then become that person’s ancestor in turn.

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