Why should we care about SoulPhones?

In the minds of most people, the reality of a SoulPhone® is far, far away. It’s a fantasy, like the colonization of Mars, flying cars, free energy, and “ETs have landed.”

The observation is often made around the SoulPhone Foundation that Dr. Gary Schwartz and those working with him are having a Wright Brothers moment. What?

Before that fateful day of December 14, 1903 when the Wright Brothers successfully launched their airplane for a twelve-second fight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, few believed that powered airplane flight was even possible. It was not on their yet-to-be-invented radar.

Few people at the time could envision anything remotely like today’s ordinary, everyday world of air commerce. And a twelve-second flight, history-making though it was, did not immediately change mainstream thinking. It was a birth moment.

The SoulPhone Foundation sees the current state of research as being at the Wright Brothers stage of development for the SoulPhone.


So why should we everyday people get behind the development of the SoulPhone? How would we benefit?  Here are the top ten benefits from my current thinking:

Proof of life after death or the continuity of life. The SoulPhone would not work if consciousness did not survive death. We have not given official credence to this principle, despite the worldwide presence of religion. The official position materialistic science and much mainstream media take is that when you die, you’re dead. Period. People on the other side think, “Huh? What? I’m not dead. I’m right here.” If you had a chat with someone on the other side you knew on this side, it would amount to pretty impressive proof that death doesn’t kill us.

Grief. Arguably one of the most intensely painful experiences in life on Earth is grieving over the loss of a beloved friend or relative. Trans-dimensional communication would greatly change the character of grief because we would be able to talk with those formerly in the flesh we yearn to reach. They would still reside somewhere else, but we could interact with them in a tangible way.

Visit loved ones. Plenty of anecdotal and even scientific research over the last two centuries strongly suggests if not outright proves that the minds of people live on after their bodies die. Yet much of society does not consider that we can still visit loved ones after their bodies are gone. We don’t think we can, so many of us don’t even try, and others feel priced out of any current method.  A SoulPhone would let us visit whenever we mutually wanted, and that would change our whole view of how humanity works.

Truth-seeking. Ever been frustrated that it seems so hard to find out the truth about any number of things? Of course you have. Wouldn’t it be great to have a reliable resource where you could find out what you needed or wanted to know? Of course it would. Systems would eventually be established to assure that you could trust sources reached by a SoulPhone connection. The truth shall set us free.

Human evolution. Do you ever wonder how humanity will evolve and what will motivate that evolution? If, indeed, humanity takes to the SoulPhone and we forge trans-dimensional relationships of all types, private and public, this would be as big of an event as that first formal visit from extraterrestrials! Rapid social change would likely occur with such major paradigm changes as a working SoulPhone would inspire.

User Manual. It’s often been mused that we are born without a user manual. We have to figure out everything from what we reason, what we imagine, and too often, what others tell us (who might not know any better than we do!) Just as we can now search the Internet for answers, imagine being able to search the cosmos for answers. SoulPhone technology could eventually lead to a trans-dimensional Internet, maybe even with a PDF user manual you could download.

Save money. Imagine how the world economy could shift if we got our priorities straight. Being in touch with the other side would lead to a cosmic perspective, not a nationalistic one. Imagine the change in government spending everywhere if we could dispense with defense budgets and various wars on other things like drugs, terror, and so on. Understand that people on the other side do not need money, including for research and development, so solutions could come flowing in. Go with the flow.

Help. Have you ever felt that you needed help but didn’t know where to find the right kind for your needs? Maybe you weren’t flush enough to afford help like medical advice or therapy. SoulPhones have the potential for putting us in touch with all kinds of help from experts-in-spirit who are motivated to help. SoulPhones would take help lines to a whole new level.

Love. Perhaps the most distinctive characteristic of the next dimension as echoed by near-death experiencers, channelers, and hypnotic regressions is love. Love, love, love. More love than we have ever known on this plane is the way it is in the next neighborhood over. As we hear more about it, particularly via the SoulPhone, we may discover an alternative to fear, hate, and ignorance and think more about love’s power.

Heaven on Earth. When we are on Earth, we are subject to all the limitations that living as flesh beings imposes upon us. However, what we learn from the other side could vastly sway public opinion against many of the forces that darken the planet. With hope and knowledge pouring in, humanity could work together to solve problems brought on by greed, deception, and the military-idustrial complex. The story we collectively tell ourselves could change from one of disaster to one of constructively meeting challenges with universal love.

Granted that it won’t all happen at once and systems need to be devised to insure freedom of access to this emerging technology, but the benefits of SoulPhone technology could transcend even the miracle of being able to converse in real time with our loved ones in spirit.

What potential benefits do you see in the development of the SoulPhone?

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