Follow the money

Is your brain (or whatever else it is that does your thinking) filled with stories about brilliant inventions that never made it public?

You know, someone comes up with a magnificent solution to a problem that would greatly benefit humankind. Some big corporate fat cat, wanting to stay fat and in control of a high-profit business, buys up all the patents from the inventor and then locks them away in the rat-infested dungeon. Bad news for humanity because the brilliant inventions never get made.

Sometimes industrial espionage is the culprit. Someone steals technology from an inventor and then obtains the patent for it. The motive for the theft is to take the invention out of the game and preserve the money-making capacity of the old ways.

Sometimes great inventions get made and are then overtaken by corporations that put getting rich at a much higher priority than helping people. They control the technology, and therefore, they control the money and the access.

Sometimes it pays to put on the cynic’s hat. Drive defensively. Learn from history.


The invention of soul phone technology, however it comes about, is too important to have it lost to financial interests and business as usual.

Right now I think a lot of people hear the idea of a soul phone and think it’s nuts and pixie dust. It’s jeer-bait. But setting aside disbelief for a few and following through with logic and intuition, one could see how much society could change if communication between the flesh and spirit dimensions was established through electronic devices.

For pure change value, it’s on a par with the discovery of a free energy source that would make gasoline an obsolete fuel. It will ruffle feathers galore in the global chicken coop. It’s also on a par with what happened to the computer industry from the days of inventing things in the garage to the current era’s behemoths.

A soul phone would be a modern day version of the fourth estate. It would open up a flow of information between two dimensions. Much of life on earth is the way it is because secrecy exists here.

Apparently, there are no secrets in spirit. It’s not a political decision; it’s just the physics or metaphysics of the realm. Spirit has free access to observe anything going on here.

It doesn’t take much genius to see that soul phone technology could dramatically change things around here. Will the truth set us free? Will we acquire access to the truth via a soul phone? Will procedures and systems be put in place to assure the truth that is much more reliable than anything currently available on physical Earth?

The soul phone, however it evolves, offers great wealth potential. Hopefully the wealth will be in the form of betterment for the whole planet, not just more legal tender for corporate entities who control the patents.

Hopefully, too, soul phone technology will make amassing wealth less attractive as everyone’s standard of living rises.

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