Soul phone area codes

A most common “yeah, but” to the idea of flesh humans talking to spirit humans is how will flesh humans know that a connection made via a soul phone is the real deal. Don’t prankster spirits sometimes hang out in the ethers playing tricks on flesh humans just for the fun of it?

Some spirits with nothing better to do might think it’s an entertaining game for them to impersonate relatives or historical characters just to watch gullible humans lap it up. “Look at those idiots! They’ll believe anything!”

For example, a few years ago a cyber-girlfriend encouraged me to become involved in a new group she loved. The group featured a medium who channeled various so-called spirit masters. The group existed on secrecy and exclusivity. Uh-oh. You had to sign what amounted to a nondisclosure contract. Uh-oh. Being skeptical—meaning asking questions—was strongly discouraged. Uh-oh. You were supposed to accept masters’ words unchallenged. Oh, my.

All of this sounded like bunk to me, but I wanted to be fair just in case my friend was right and I was wrong. It happens! I stuck it out hoping I would grow into it with more input.

The masters were all historical characters, most of them readily recognizable names, and the group thrived on the idea that each flesh member shared energy with these spirit people. Sharing energy meant that you were an actual part of this other soul, energetically speaking. Flesh members were linked with both living and deceased personalities. As I watched people process “who they were” in various forums, it struck me most that this group existed to grow ego food.

In the transcripts, one of the masters said that LBJ masterminded the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Whoa! Since asking follow-up questions was highly frowned upon, I sat with that info wondering if this blast from the great beyond could possibly be true. After that day, I paid more attention to the various conspiracy theories about who ordered the deed. There are several videos on YouTube that point to the LBJ did it theory.

I didn’t buy it completely, but I do admit that LBJ stuck in my head as a prime suspect. Had I really gotten inside information from the other side, or was I (and the other flesh members) being toyed with?

I found this to be a common situation. Other channels out there, some on YouTube, channel historical characters and give “facts” about what happened in various historical events. For instance, Nicole Brown Simpson came through on a Channeling Erik video posted to YouTube. Nicole said that O.J. did it.

The channeling is not evidential, so who’s to say? Still, it illustrated what might happen with a soul phone when a murder victim speaks from beyond the veil and names his or her killer.

Will we be prepared for that?


While pondering the issue of credibility, I thought about soul phone technology and the eventual development of area codes.

In the spiritual literature I’ve read, what we call heaven is usually not just one place but a multiplicity of places. Each place is a vibrational frequency. (Life on Earth is also a vibrational frequency.) Entities locate into various regions of the spirit world according to their level of spiritual development.

It’s probably not much different than how we choose neighborhoods in which to live. We go to what feels right for our circumstances. The cliche might be that we would all live in palaces if we could, but I for one prefer more intimate spaces close to nature.

It does not seem like such a stretch that the evolution of soul phone technology could include the creation of area codes. They would reflect the “neighborhood” where the spirit resides. Instead of being based on geographical areas, these codes could reflect the level of frequency the spirit caller had attained.

This is similar to how it is said that spirits “read” each other through their auras. In spirit, we supposedly can tell much about a person’s/spirit’s personality through the energy field that entity emits. If they have a dark side, it is easily apparent. If they are highly evolved, it is easily apparent.

It seems logical to conclude that soul phone technology from the other side could be tagged with an energy signature of its origin. You could take “the source” into consideration when you know that a soul phone call originated from a lower dimension.

Yet even with soul phone area codes, discernment is the best tool.

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