Soul phoning your higher self

Someone asked me a most intriguing question: With a soul phone, could I call my higher self? 

The gem-of-a-question is based on the commonly communicated idea that when a person incarnates, he or she comes to Earth with between 20-30% of their energy. The rest of it stays in the spirit world. If a third of you is here, could you reach the other two-thirds of yourself that resides there?

The implications are enormous. Wouldn’t you just love to be able to soul phone home and chat with a wiser part of yourself? “Dude! I’m seriously bummed! I just got laid off and I don’t know what to do!”


This then leads to the next logical question: would a soul phone let you make a connection with your past lives?

Apparently, when a person dies and even after they reincarnate into another human host, the consciousness of who they were remains in tact. This is why mediums can channel historical characters, famous or not.

For example, a medium could talk with Mark Twain, who would come across as Mark Twain, yet the same soul has probably incarnated once or twice since then. Those new people are not continuations of Mark Twain; they are their own individual personalities.

So it makes sense that if that can happen, you could talk to a past life of yourself directly over a soul phone!

It might not be wildly fun, though. I think we’d have to be prepared (at least those of us on this plane) for the likelihood that in some of our past lives, we weren’t the finest specimens of humanity ever to live on the planet. Times change, too. For example, imagine talking to your past life who was a slave owner (and torturer) or a soldier on the “wrong” side of a war or a people abuser of one kind or another.

But presumably when we are in spirit, we study our past lives in intense detail. We do it to monitor our personal growth as a soul. Why not be able to do it on a soul phone?


One might wonder if that would be cheating or would it be evolutionary? If we are supposed to learn all about living and loving in our Earth School curriculum, maybe chatting with our higher self or our spirit guides would be like cheating. Maybe we are supposed to struggle with ourselves, isolated from easy hand-out help. Maybe the communication channel with our guides is supposed to be fuzzy.

On the other hand, maybe we reach a point in our social and spiritual growth where we make a few quantum leaps, and one of them involves our ability to check in with Mission Control. When this happens, we get more knowledge about how to change life on Earth from dystopian to utopian.

Even if humanity is allowed to reach the point where we can talk with our guides or our past/future lives, Earth is still quite a challenging environment in which to live. Perhaps turning the corner on humanity’s savage ways will give us the opportunity to heal our world and practice loving ways for everyone. Perhaps part of our Earth School mission is  to rescue our planet from extinction and to create the so-called heaven on earth.

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