Unlocking the SoulPhone

On a recent Internet radio show, Dr. Mark Pitstick, co-founder of the SoulPhone® Foundation, shared a projected timeline for development of the SoulPhone.


He explained that it would not begin its life on Earth as something like a smartphone. It would emerge in stages with the end result currently envisioned as an app that could be loaded onto a smartphone to facilitate an experience like Skype or FaceTime.

SoulSwitch. The first manifestation of the technology is a yes/no switch or a binary indicator. When it is in place, spirits will be able to answer yes/no questions. Someone skilled at asking questions could use this device to establish a person’s identity.

For example, you could ask yes/no questions that only the person-in-spirit could answer. After identity has been satisfactorily established, one could follow-up with questions of substance.

A working prototype of a SoulSwitch could arrive as early as six to nine months—or by around the end of 2017! (“Gary Schwartz thinks there is a 90-95% probability of a reliably functioning device being perfected.”)

SoulKeyboard. As comparatively primitive as the SoulSwitch might be, it will lead to the next device which turns the binary indicator into a keyboard. An assembly of switches will give us the ability to text people-in-spirit!

Texting would dramatically improve the level of communication possible. Even many of the mediums that people hire to facilitate communication between the two places do not give conversational information. Rather, they share in bits and pieces identifying information that lets the sitter conclude that they are in the presence of a loved one.

There are methods available today—channeling, self-hypnosis, guided meditation, automatic writing—that help people experience something similar. Still, texting would be a giant leap for mankind. (Speaking of which, maybe we could text with Neil Armstrong!)

Texting would be a tremendous way to communicate with so-called deceased loved ones, but it could also open doors to have written conversation with luminaries—scientists, teachers, religious icons, and others. Verified transcripts of chats from the other side could be most enlightening with global consequences.

This keyboard device could be two years out.

SoulAudio would be more like the cell phone we are accustomed to today. The eventual idea would be for an app to be created that people could download and use.

SoulVideo would extend this capability to audio-visual, and we could be having what amounts to Skype or FaceTime calls with those in spirit.

Being much more sophisticated, these latter two technologies would open the trans-dimensional communications doorway even wider. We could be having Internet-style broadcasts from the other side. The teaching/learning opportunities would be revolutionary for the consciousness of the planet.

The speed with which development of these components could be accomplished largely depends on research funding. The next phase has already been funded.

The development of the SoulSwitch and the SoulKeyboard will surely set the stage for advancement of the more sophisticated devices. My guess is that if the switch and keyboard appear successfully, it will create great momentum.


Dr. Pitstick appeared on Seek Reality, the Internet radio show hosted by author and afterlife expert Roberta Grimes.

Listen to the interview here.

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