Strange priorities

It may seem very far-fetched to the average realist that such a thing as a phone to talk with the dead is a possibility. So instead of taking the notion seriously, any research earmarked for soul phone technology is ridiculed as pie-in-the-sky tomfoolery.

No, I don’t frequently use the term tomfoolery.

In today’s political climate, can you even imagine someone proposing such a research project?

Yet I have often looked upon modern research and government spending with head-shaking awe. The US is one of the richest nations on the planet, and yet what do we do with all that loot?



I will never understand our strange priorities in spending. We have far more circumstantial and anecdotal evidence than we need to conclude that death may not be the actual end of life—that consciousness transcends physical death.

Why is that important? To me it is nature study. This kind of research helps us understand who and what we are as a species.

There’s more than enough data to take the “we don’t die” notion seriously and to study it with an eye toward shaping public policy.

Is the survival of consciousness the government’s business? I would think so. Governments kill people in various ways including capital punishment, warfare, genocide, and policing, to name some. By the way, that all costs money.

Doesn’t it seem logical that we should know what we are doing when we deliberately kill people? Are we absolutely, negatively making a person most sincerely dead? Or are we terminating them from one environment and sending their minds off to another place?

We spent nearly $600 billion dollars on military spending in 2015. Did we spend anything on studying the death/afterlife question?


Yes, there is the question of motives. Funding for research usually comes with strings. In business it is usually drive by the profit incentive, not the betterment of humankind. In government it is usually driven by the agendas of the powerful.

That said, it’s just amazing what our spending priorities are.

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