Saving our planet

Over the years, I have wondered about how humankind will pull off saving our planet from ourselves … if, indeed, it will.

We’re mostly shown how abysmal people are to each other.

For the most part, our entertainment industry feeds us dystopian visions. It’s always pretty grim. Writers are indoctrinated with the idea that story is all about conflict. As a result, writers and the industry they serve rub conflict in our faces day after day, night after night. Whether it’s an intimate story or an epic with a cast of thousands, we’re bombarded with tales of woe.

So we rarely see models of societies where people get it together. The folks who bring us our media act as if they think that innovation and brilliance is far less interesting than showing more examples of negativity run amok.

This is one major reason why I cut way back on my TV and movie viewing. I got mentally exhausted from Turds United Against Innovation.

So what does this have to do with saving the planet? Just wanting to point out that on an average day, the average person is not getting a very positive, hope-inspiring view of humanity. We long to be saved from this mess, especially when life gets extra messy with personal pain, but how are we going to get there?

Here are some “save the planet” scenarios we’ve been offered.


When it comes to election time, politics as usual involves plenty of “we can save you” messages. Candidates attempt to persuade us that they will save humanity. It’s usually not sold with such lofty metaphors (except maybe for John Kennedy and Barack Obama) but the idea is that “I can fix it.” Donald J. Trump sold a dystopian vision of America by telling us how awful everything was, and enough voters bought it to win the electoral college.

The pendulum always sways back and forth. Politics turns out to be not much of a savior solution when executive orders can so easily undo a previous administration’s work. Nevertheless, plenty of people put their faith in politicians to save the world.


Multitudes put their faith in God/Jesus to fix things. This covers a war zone of ground, though, because there are thousands of iterations on who exactly Jesus was/is and what Christianity stands for. Worshipers in Church One may have vasty different views from worshipers in Church Two.

It is highly conceivable, as some besides me have suggested, that a reincarnated Jesus himself might not be an acceptable fit for many of today’s Christian churches.

Nevertheless, the idea is that the Second Coming will usher in the Heaven on Earth phase of human existence. Armageddon will vaporize the bad guys and the good folks left standing will create paradise with Jesus as their holy ruler.

Other religions have their own iterations on how to save our souls.


Another variant on planetary salvation comes from the premise that somewhere along the line, a few brilliant humans will discover how time travel works. These brave souls will know in the future that doom is coming, so they zap back in time to our era hoping to convince us to change our evil (or at least selfish and destructive) ways.

“What was it about climate change you didn’t understand?”

Time travel does not necessarily mean that travelers have to show up in material form. Some people have used hypnosis, self-hypnosis, out-of-body travel, or similar practices to encounter their future selves or just hang out in another time zone. Through this method, time voyagers could impart necessary science to solve problems in this time zone.


Speaking of time travel, some people theorize that UFOs are so hard to track and film because they know how to slip in and out of time.

Hollywood likes to show us wars between worlds, photon cannon shoot-’em-ups, and Independence Dayesque destruction derbies. Another strain of encounters with UFOs poses extra-terrestrials as good guy saviors. They want to help us survive (not just be well) and prosper.

Researchers like Dr. Steven Greer of Sirius and Disclosure Project fame claim that UFOs have been visiting us for ages and that the U.S. Government knows it. Some UFO crashed, and our bad boy government secretly rescued components from the crash sites and reverse-engineered them to attempt to learn their secrets. Researchers like this suggest we have more to fear from Earth people than ETs.

Still, many people read UFO encounter accounts hoping contact will be made and that it will somehow lead to an advanced civilization saving Earth.


While not presented as a “save our planet” technology, the invention of a working soul phone could play a major role in doing just that. The flow of information from the next dimension could start the next renaissance.

It could change politics. It could become the new Fourth Estate.

It could change religion. It could clarify religious origins and offer what’s real now.

It could facilitate the time travel of consciousness. Imagine talking to people from the past and from the future. What could we learn? Even if we are locked into time and space in the material world, the mind is “off the clock,” especially in that dimension.

It could facilitate talking with other beings that we would now call extra-terrestrial. People who channel beings from other dimensions preview what could happen with a soul phone connection.

Yeah, sure, it would take time for this to occur. Technology would have to be refined and systems set in place to validate identities. Nevertheless, while it is currently the road less travelled, by a long shot, it could become a freeway of insight in the not-so-distant future.

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