This fun, funny universe

Too often we’re literally encouraged to view the world as a scary, depressing place. You know, as in life sucks. It’s a disaster. It’s a yuge disaster.

But what if life is really not just one painful mess after another? What if the universe is actually much more fun than murmurings of rat race and dog-eat-dog make it sound? What if this place is nowhere near as gloomy-doomy as the news and shout shows make it seem?

The feeling I get observing so much of our mass media and social institutions is that most of us are constantly being conditioned to feel just one smidge better than hopeless. We’re taught to be wary and perpetually on edge. We’re persuaded to take everything so damn seriously because one careless move and somebody or something will pounce and shred.

In the midst of all this rampant pain and suffering, it’s hard to envision Earth as a fun planet. Example: Do we ever stop to consider the maybe God likes to laugh?

No, we don’t, because as soon as we do, some wise-ass will break in to say God is not a personality. God doesn’t laugh. (Thank you for being so helpful!)

Even if God isn’t a person, even an ultimate super-person, it’s fun for me to ponder a metaphor of God’s laughter. It’s all about the story we tell ourselves.

Do you prefer a jealous and wrathful Holy Father who despite words about love and forgiveness could still choose to pop you into the eternal broiler oven if you cross him?


In college many years ago I learned how to observe the media as more than just what appears on the surface. I learned to view the media as a reflection of society. The story on the surface hides a deeper message.

I have noticed that in the broad brush stroking of the mainstream media, there is very little speculation about a fun universe. Psychic mediums keep telling us that heaven is fun and that our deceased are having the time of their, um, lives. But day in and day out, most of the entertainment media churn out the message that death is tragic, death is bad, beware of the monster Death. We’re conditioned to be afraid of it because it’s the ultimate penalty.

Why the disconnect?


Are psychic mediums just telling tall tales to fluff us up and take our money? Or is mainstream material science just too reluctant to conduct any serious research into what happens at death? We certainly do enough research into clever ways to kill people. Maybe it would be good to research what happens after we (thou shalt not) kill them in poetry-inducing, high-tech glory.

Whatever it is, there is a credibility gap between dead as a doornail and hello heavenly delight.

If you’re of the mind set that when you’re dead, you’re dead, that’s all folks, I invite you to consider how much our mainstream society resists doing anything serious to research perhaps the most important question of our existence—does death truly kill us?

Then think what might happen if someone invents a soul phone (because preliminary research by out-of-the-box-thinking scientists is suggesting that it’s not far off.)

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