Soul phone internet

I first went online in 1990 using a 300-baud modem that I borrowed from work. I was immediately enchanted with what at the time was called BBSing—old-style texting on a personal computer.

It didn’t take long for me to sense that this was going to become a big deal. It didn’t take long for me to sense that this was going to become a big deal. Relatively few people knew much about going online back then, but I saw great potential for intimate interaction with virtual friends. I loved the idea of meeting people mind or soul first.

I decided to write a book about it, and I found a New York literary agent who grasped my vision. Unfortunately, he had little luck with New York book publishers. One actually said that he thought email was just a fad.

Today I feel that I am back in familiar territory. The whole idea of the soul phone has me jumping up and down with excitement over the tremendous social implications of the gadget. I first heard about it a few years ago when Julia Assante, author of The Last Frontier, was speaking at an IANDS meeting in San Jose. She didn’t share any details, but I was quickly intrigued by the concept.

I heard a little more about soul phones when I encountered a presentation by Gary Schwartz on YouTube. He was actually working on it!

Just recently I discovered the newly formed SoulPhone® Foundation which was being set up to support the endeavor with dissemination of information and funding efforts. Just seeing that and the people who had come forward as advisors was a happy slap in the face. This is real. It’s gone beyond sci-fi.


By nature I am an optimistic skeptic. I used to call myself an open-minded skeptic, but frankly I am rooting for recordable, verifiable trans-dimensional communication. I grumble plenty about the show business atmosphere that characterizes much devoted to afterlife business marketing, but I still geek out on the possibilities.

If soul phone technology follows a pattern similar to computer development, the first soul phone would be something akin to ASCI code. We’d text with spirits. Then audio conversations would come. Then audio-visual or Skype-for-Spirits.

It’s been 27 years since I first typed online with a keyboard. Look where that technology has come since then. Consider what the same 27 years of time could do for the development of a soul phone.


It makes me envision a soul phone internet. We could chat with our deceased loved ones. Hey, we could chat with anyone from all of our past lives. We could google the akashic records whenever we wanted. Hopefully we could find accurate sources of information/news.

I do not believe that spirit humans can be as easily corrupted as greed-based flesh humans can, so we might actually see a soul phone internet without spam and click bait.


Maybe I am too optimistic.

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