Just say no to mass suicides

In the Netflix original movie The Discovery, when people find out that the existence of an afterlife has been scientifically proven, over four million of them commit suicide hoping to reach it. When reliable, verifiable soul phones come into existence, what is to say that something like that won’t happen here?

The movie did not spend any time explaining why people were so sure they would get a better deal in the afterlife. They just blow themselves away. Not the smartest move, in my opinion. Soul phone users might be a little more thoughtful in their decision-making.

Here are a few thoughts on how the invention of the soul phone would not inspire mass suicides as depicted in the movie.

Soul phone roll-out. I would presume that anyone smart enough to invent a soul phone would be smart enough to foresee this issue as a possibility. I would anticipate some education about the nature of spirituality. To my knowledge, there has been no wave of suicide from a medium offering up convincing proof that a loved one still exists. Nor has there been a wave of suicides after near-death experiencers report that we don’t die. So I am not really sure where the idea came from that so many people would essentially be line cutters and party crashers, attempting to slip into heaven through suicide. There would be plenty of opportunity for educating the public on the new reality that soul phones bring to common awareness.

Near-death experiences. During their cosmic adventures, near-death experiencers often hear, “Go back! It’s not your time yet.” Frequently, loved ones are saying this! They deeply care about you, but they don’t want your premature ejections into spirit (because they can visit you any time they want anyway.) You signed up for Earth School, and your job is to grow your soul and to do the work you agreed to before you incarnated. Most likely, soul phones will allow the spirit world to convey the importance of doing the work of evolving your soul on the planet. Suicide won’t be encouraged. It’s also like the line from the old Dan Hicks song, “How can I miss you when you won’t go away?”

Change of dimension. It’s often reported that when we cross, we keep much of our personality, yet we also step into a new reality. While flesh people may feel deep mourning over the perceived loss of their loved ones to spirit, if truth be told, it might not be a two-way street. Logic this out. People there are in an entirely different dimension with new rules of what we would call physics. They are different people now. They have different motives, different needs, different priorities. You may want to keep remembering the person you knew exactly as you knew them, but they have etch-a-sketched themselves into brand newness, still loving you (perhaps more than you ever realized) but also jubilant about being where they are. However it’s accomplished, arriving in a new dimension has consequences not apparent in physical life. Think fish out of water.

Astral travel. Mystics and teachers often say that when we sleep, we leave our bodies and visit our friends in other dimensions. Most of us just don’t remember doing it except possibly in very vivid dreams that wake us up—and even then many of us reject it as brain fiction. Soul phone conversations would likely confirm that we don’t have to kill our flesh selves to visit loved ones in spirit. Soul travel will become much more acceptable when the collective soul phone experience provides information that it is possible for flesh humans to journey out of their bodies, virtually at will. Information will reach critical mass. Remember when everyone thought that humans could not run a 4-minute mile? Once someone did it, it became a norm for competitive runners. (The current world’s record is 3:43:13.)

Shift happens. Once soul phone technology is introduced as a working physical device, the culture will shift to embrace it. People skeptics once labeled as nuts and frauds will suddenly find much more voice once they’ve been validated and vindicated. All sorts of conferences, seminars, workshops, and talk shows will appear everywhere to saturate mass consciousness about what it all means. If the suicide rate increased, there would be plenty of experts to address it. In the meantime, health care professionals, therapists, and suicide prevention folks will have become much more savvy about the implications of paradigm-shattering soul phone technology. They will be more prepared to guide people through the hoops.

Hollywood ups its game. Hollywood might become more enlightened and show trans-dimensional realities in action. (Dear Hollywood. Grow some cajones. Thank you. Joshua.) A huge portion of the media world currently sees only physical reality, so death is designed to seem sad if not tragic. Hollywood might get off its materialistic ass and envision some new reality paradigms that won’t make life on Earth seem so depressing and frustrating. Rather than dwelling on problems, TV and movies might start showing solutions. Suggestion: show flesh humans and spirit humans working together. Show that it’s not scary stuff. Show that it’s not even strange; don’t turn it into a circus or daredevil act.

Hospitality happens here. Make Earth a more hospitable place in which to exist. Holy moly. This is a guess, but I would venture to say that most people who contemplate or execute suicide feel distraught, lonely, expendable, or in dread of something they consider worse than death. They choose it to end their suffering. One obvious but apparently not universally tried counter-measure is to improve the quality of life for everyone right here, right now. The idea of heaven on earth may need a refresh from a religious to a secular concept. Perhaps if it was more universally known (which it would be with soul phone technology) that attending Earth School is why we’re here, we might more enthusiastically love each other and the planet. So much of what makes life miserable on Earth is the pall of greed, fear, and ignorance. I believe that a huge shift in consciousness would spring forth from helpful nonphysical beings through soul phone technology.

Murder doesn’t work as planned. Some dystopian plots in books and movies figure that popping off people by suicide or homicide is predictable behavior in conflict, war, and at the end of the world. In some of these visions, people conclude that killing someone will transport that person to another dimension. “Bad guys” won’t have to be dealt with any longer in this dimension. Capital punishment uses that rationale. Yet soul phones will likely promote the “new rule” that murder and suicide do bear costs in the form of karma. The plot won’t stop at someone’s physical death. As an aside, both murderers and murder victims do come through psychic mediums and channels today, and the common message usually amounts to don’t try this at home—you don’t know jack if you think that murdering someone solves problems. (They do show it with less snark than I do, though.)

Assisted suicide. This might be quite the reach, but there could be cases where people elect suicide and society works with them, not against them. Maybe someone is far gone in physical health due to disease or serious injury. Envision a system set up where representatives from both dimensions assist patients in dealing with their issues. Rather than having to “commit suicide,” they could transition in the best of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual conditions. This option could give caretakers on both sides the opportunity to interact with compassion. Soul phones could provide a major overhaul in systemic thinking.

Love. Strange as it might sound, the invention of the soul phone will bring more love into our world. Probably one of the most profound reasons why people kill themselves is that for whatever reason, justified or not, people feel separated from the rest of humanity. They feel isolated, even in a crowd. They do not feel loved, or they feel especially unloved. Soul phone technology stands to change all that. Based on all the channeling I have ever read, spirits will flood us with love because that’s where they are now, in a perpetual state of love. (There is always help for those who for whatever reason do not feel it, and that reason is usually self-induced.) Opening the doors on all this love will coat physical Earth with a major shift some would call enlightenment. Some of this love will be personal—contact with loved ones in spirit. Yet much will be universal. There will be so much love that it will be increasingly more difficult to feel hopeless, forgotten, and abandoned.

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