DIY soul phones

Whenever I post on Facebook my excitement about soul phone technology, someone usually pipes in to say some form of, “We don’t need a phone. We can do it ourselves.”

Maria wrote: “We don’t need a phone, we can already do it. Problem is sometimes we don’t get a good connection (or any connection) and the messages are fuzzy or we mis-interpret their meaning. But if you think about it, we sometimes do that with living people as well. Honing communication and listening skills on all levels is important for all our connections, whether in spirit or human form.”

Ann wrote: “I  believe we were born with this capability. We just need to reactivate it. Near-death experiencers who come back often say theirs has been reactivated, whether they wanted it to be or not. Now they have to learn to deal with more information than they may have wanted.”

Char had a slightly different take on the idea. She wrote: “I’m concentrating on being in the here and now, and even though I loved some people who are gone, I don’t feel the need to talk with them again. I’ve never liked the idea of ‘heaven’ as meaning getting back together with ancestors.”

My vision of a soul phone is of a broader scope than the idea that if we wanted to, we could train ourselves to talk to the departed. I agree that we have a native ability to channel and that many NDErs get hyper-charged with it when they return to flesh life.

Yet at a rapid rate, for better or for worse, humans are being conditioned to ignore much latent talent and instead to rely on tech. To a larger extent than ever before, tech defines us, and some people see that as a human tragedy, particularly when it means eschewing our native spiritual assets.


But my excitement about soul phone technology is based on previewing (imagining) the social changes that could occur if/when a soul phone becomes reality. It’s more than just chatting with loved ones on the other side, fantastic as that would be. I look forward to seeing a massive and verifiable information download from another dimension of human existence to ours.

Some living humans already know how to do this for themselves. They can channel or take off on conscious out-of-body journeys. They are told or shown things not available to us via mainstream media. Yet to have this capability in the realm of tech so that anyone could have access to it would allow incredible things to happen.

But doing it yourself is sometimes difficult for some of us. Brian wrote: “I’ve heard several mediums say we all have the ability to communicate with spirit, but it’s kind of like playing the piano. We can all learn to play at some level, but not many of us will ever be masters. I’ve been trying to communicate with my transitioned daughter for nearly two years. I think I’d do better texting her.

I agree with Brian. I experience channeling when I write. Ideas seem to flow through me and sometimes even surprise me with their brilliance. I don’t think of these creations as anything I consciously concocted. It’s almost as if I am an observer watching a movie or listening to a radio show. Yet at the same time I don’t feel as if I am getting brand new information as if an independent teacher were feeding me new facts. Perhaps fear shuts me down or left-brain linear thinking throws a fit. “You don’t believe that crap, do you?”

So a soul phone conversation would go a long way in bridging that gap. If I could talk to Mark Twain or Richard Brautigan or Robin Williams on a phone instead of conversing in my imagination, it would be more believable.


Ironically, though, I believe that the soul phone will inspire us, in turn, to learn more about channeling. Why? Because spirit will be informing us that we flesh humans are more powerful and capable than we realize.

If spirit encourages us to learn more about channeling, we might accept that we can do it, and then we would be more motivated to learn the skill. Much of the reason why more of us don’t do it is that our Western culture their tells us it’s bunk or that we are incapable of or forbidden from reaching out to life beyond our physical perceptions.

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