Fake news

Over the last few years, fake news has become a hot topic. Not only was it a major player in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, but it is of huge concern to mainstream media, social media, and people who want to get the truth.

I am taking a leap of faith here, but I like to believe that the advent of the soul phone would open up a whole new channel for receiving the truth.

There used to be a time when the establishment of the so-called fourth estate, or the profession of journalism, was supposed to be a fundamental checks-and-balancing tool. With freedom of the press, we the people were supposed to be accurately and objectively informed of what was going on in government and the world.

Didn’t turn out so well.


The soul phone opens up the possibility for another renaissance of the fourth estate and the world which it covers.

It is important to note that people living in spirit are living in a dimension quite different than the physical realm. Their motives are entirely different because their needs are entirely different. They do not have to sustain a physical body. They don’t need food, drink, sleep, housing, money, and so on. With so many of life’s necessities taken care of, they cannot be so easily bought off as flesh humans can be. What could some human entity possibly offer them that they would want?

While some lower-minded spirits appear to still like to play deception games, to essentially prank gullible flesh humans, the more evolved ones have better things to do. They want to help physical humanity evolve. Part of that mission could involve truth-telling. They could do what the fourth estate was intended to do—speak the truth.

While some individuals may be able to channel for themselves, to receive whatever input from spirit they seek, a soul phone would be more like a recordable broadcast. It’s an entirely different kind of experience. Not necessarily better, just different. For those less willing to trust their own ability or a medium’s ability to channel accurately, a soul phone connection would remove a certain shadow of doubt.

Then would come the challenge of dealing with the flow of information and inspiration streaming in from the spirit world that would likely contradict many of the “facts” and stories we have been fed. My current fantasy about dying is that when we get to other planes of existence and are eventually able to look back at life on physical earth, we have freedom of information beyond anything we know here. We have access to anything that’s ever happened. No more guessing. On that side, everything’s an open book.

What if the soul phone was able to connect us to bodies of knowledge something like going online to the Library of Congress? Only much bigger!

What do you want to know? Just ask.

If we had that ability here, imagine what life would be like! Imagine having a source of truth that kept fake news in check and instead exposed the true wonders of the universe.


Design and implementation of a soul phone system should include an organized means for establishing that the information dispersed is truthful.

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