Could money become obsolete?

A lot of people make a lot of money off of death. Before, during, and after death, there’s a plenty at stake in products and services that in some way relate to this transition activity whether it’s attempting to avoid it, going through it, or dealing with its aftermath.

Industries related to insurance, law, health, drugs, mortuaries, cemeteries, spirituality/religion, and trans-communication, to name a few, all have financial stakes in keeping things just as they are.

On Earth, money makes the world go round, but supposedly in spirit, money is entirely unnecessary. To me this brings up an obvious question: is there any cosmic law in place that requires physical humans to continue to play the money game?

Coud a soul phone bring a massive change to this picture?


But first, I digress. Sort of. The story of the various attempts by various groups of researchers to invent and perfect a reliable technology-based mode of communication between the physical world and the spirit world includes cooperation between flesh scientists and discarnate scientists. Yep, the likes of Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs and many others are said to be in on the gig for the love of humanity.

Which brings up an interesting point to consider.

I wonder if/why scientists-in-spirit would be eager to make fortunes for high-tech industrialists in the flesh. We know the story of the greedy corporate giants who pull all sorts of yucky tricks to monopolize the money flow. Would dead scientists put up with those shenanigans to make more earthly billionaires even richer than they are? Would they put up with the kind of secrecy so valued in high-tech organizations today?

Talk about horror movies. Someone should make one about how a money-grubbing billionaire sets up a soul phone empire and overprices access to its services. Build a Great Wall of ignorance and fear.


My hope is that soul phone technology is developed for the benefit of all of humanity. I get that we physical folks live in a moneyed world, but I also think we have gone way overboard with materialism and self-absorption.

As I envision the evolution of soul phone technology, I see a highly possible dissolution of secrecy. I don’t know by what cosmic statute people in spirit would be prevented from answering any question asked. Maybe they have freedom of the press that rocks and groks.

If we could use a soul phone to ask whatever question we wanted—and someone would actually answer us truthfully—can you see how that would change everything? In a sense, this would provide an ascension experience for the planet all on its own. We could make an honest planet out of Earth!

Right now we have conspiracy theories. We also have secrecy in government and in corporations. Imagine how that picture would change if we had free (as in unobstructed) access to truth.

At first it would probably cause a huge bang as soon as those in a wide range of power positions realized that the jig was up. “Who stole our secrets?” But then after the mini-armageddon to the forces of secrecy, we might feel the love.

There’s a whole laundry list of changes that soul phone technology would bring to our planet, but I think the potential dissolution of secrecy is the biggest of the big kahunas.


Besides a possbile corporate gobble-up of soul phone technology, like what happened with the broadcasting, telecom, and computer industries, there’s anther scenario. Maybe communication with the other side and the free dissemination of information will render money far less important and even far less desirable.

I also think, and this is my own flight of fancy, that with the advent of the soul phone, life just won’t be the same for the upper 1%. Money will slowly be shown to be far less important. We may not need it so much as answers to our questions stream in from the other side on a wide variety of topics.

Money might become largely obsolete, and we would all live in abundance.

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