Soul phoning or channeling?

In the future, soul phoning will offer something like a phone chat. Pick up the phone, dial a number, and if the recipient wants to answer, voila. As the technology progresses, it will then evolve into something like a videophone, FaceTime, or Skype chat between (to use the current vernacular) heaven and earth.

Having a reading with a psychic medium is an entirely different experience. In that format, the medium delivers or relays a stream of messages. Some messages may make immediate sense. Those messages would be so specific that they’d seem to come from a deceased loved one or known personality. These are called hits.

A good hit might be like if the medium uses a nickname a deceased person called you that was not commonly known. Maybe your name is Priscilla but the medium uses the nickname Poppy. In any event, the medium reveals some obscure details that would ring bells of recognition.

Other messages do not seem to make immediate sense. Perhaps the medium says,”What do butterflies mean? Why am I getting butterflies?” You search your brain to figure out if there’s anything special about butterflies. At first blush, nothing. Maybe a week later it will make sense, such as when several butterflies swarm around you while you’re on a walk. Is that what butterflies meant?

In any event, a swarm of butterflies a week later may not exactly do the trick as far as being a meaningful symbol beyond chance. So, while it seem like an intriguing development, it may not strike you as stop-the-presses evidential. This might be especially true if you paid $400 for a reading and expected believable results. What may seem like guessing games at $400 an hour is not very convincing.

Most mediums working today are referred to as mental mediums. They get input from telepathy or clairaudience/clairvoyance and pass it on. Another name in use is spirit translator. While the experience of getting a reading from a medium can be deeply meaningful, especially for those in grief, it’s nevertheless a different experience than a phone conversation would be.

As wonderful as the top tested and certified mental mediums are, they are usually very expensive for the average person to afford. Additionally, the mediums are often booked months to years in advance. What they offer is usually a one-way communication option; rarely is it question and answer

Other options include direct-voice mediumship, trance channel mediums, or physical mediums. For the average person (me, for instance), there are very few if any opportunities available for personal meetings with any of these. Usually the best we can do is read about them or find a film or lecture about them.

These methods are also vulnerable to suspicions of fraud, primarily because they appear strange. For example, many readings take place in the dark because, it is claimed, ectoplasm, the stuff that creates a kind of spiritual voice box, is highly sensitive to light.

Paid career skeptics have a field day stirring up doubt and cynicism. While experiences with these types of mediums might be personally meaningful, like a great hello from heaven, they would be subject to ridicule from suspicious skeptics.


The invention and perfection of soul phone technology would offer a two-way conversation experience. The projected path of development would be to start with texting, then audio, then audio-visual.

A reliable, verifiable chat of any of the above would be the kind of sock-it-to-me, evidence-producing encounter that would change reality as we know it.

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