Coming attractions

Let’s not make the mistake of forgetting to have a vision or a plan ready for what might happen to this ol’ material world of ours when soul phone technology becomes a working reality.

To my way of thinking, the invention of a reliable and ubiquitous soul phone would make life on this planet about a million and a half times more interesting than it is now! Talk about shift happening. Talk about new rules.

In case you’re new to the idea, a soul phone would be a device that would let anybody talk to anybody, living or dead.

If you’ve had any exposure to electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) or instrumental trance-communication (ITC) or trans-dimensional communication (TDC), you probably sense that a soul phone is not that far-fetched … nothing a little dedicated research and development can’t overcome.

Even as science-fiction, the idea thrills me. I love envisioning what could happen across society once working soul phone technology exists. How would such a giant leap for humankind change everyday life for ordinary people like you and me?

But we shouldn’t wait until the last minute to consider these implications.

So don your trans-dimensional communication, soul phone fun hats, and let’s party.

Happy leaping!

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